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6 Easy Skillshare Classes For When You're Flaring

Skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of classes in design, business, technology and more.

It’s pretty much like Netflix for creatives and is great for anyone who loves learning and stays at home a lot which hello is totally me!

Skillshare classes are designed to be bite-sized, short video lessons and is great because you can really learn at your own pace! Stop and pause, binge all the way through, or do whatever fits your learning style. What I personally love to do is Google cast it onto my TV and then work on my laptop or notebook.

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That being said, here are my 5 Skillshare videos to watch on flare days when you’re chilling at home but have the headspace to learn something new. They don’t require any special tools other than just paper and pen, or your phone!

Let's begin!



So Peggy is like the queen of Skillshare teachers and her classes range from watercolor, calligraphy, business and much more. I love her simple line drawing classes because anyone can do them and it’s easy to practice on your own after each class.


I particularly love her botanical line drawing class and the cactus and succulent class. These classes are a great intro to easy drawing and also to how Skillshare classes work so if you're brand new, I highly suggest you start here.




Brush Lettering

If you love looking at pretty hand lettering on Instagram like me, then you might interested in hand lettering! Peggy has a really great beginners guide to brush lettering where she teaches you the basics of the up and down strokes.

She discusses the pens she uses that you might need to get if you want to learn; however, if you have a iPad pro, you can also use Procreate which is a kick ass illustration app that I really recommend it.


Okay so I'll be honest, I struggle a lot still with the up and down strokes lol so I found Ricardo’s Lettering a Monoline Wordmark class where you learn how to draw monoline logo style art. I think these look super pretty and because it’s a uniform monoline style, you don’t have to worry about up and down strokes so you can use any pen or marker for this class.

This class is awesome because he teaches exercises you can practice to build muscle memory. I love that he also gives some background on graffiti art which is totally awesome!




It’s never a bad idea to up your iPhone photography game and as a bonus, your IG game too. iPhone Photography: How to Take Pro Photos On Your iPhone by Dale is a great intro course to taking better photos just by learning simple tricks to make your photos better like the rule of thirds. He also shows you some cool tricks that you could do with your iPhone app that without this course I would’ve never found out.

Only a 50 minute class, he jam packs a lot of great photography knowledge that'll get you taking better pictures immediately after his class.




I absolutely love journalling but drawing’s actually something I've never naturally gravitated to but when I worked full-time, I found myself doodling a lot in my notebooks as a way to take mental breaks.

I love Mimi’s course on Illustrated Journalling because she shows you how you can take events in your life and memories and turn them into drawings almost like graphic novels. Through this course, I’ve discovered that there’s something really special and magical about this practice that allows you process your thoughts in a creative and beautiful way.


So there ya go! I'd love to hear how you all do with these classes if you end up trying them! If you haven't already, click here to start your FREE 2 month trial of PREMIUM membership.

If you're already a Skillshare member and have suggestions, please let me know! I truly truly love learning so please share your favorite classes.

If you already couldn't tell I LOVE Skillshare a lot so here are some blog posts I have planned for the future:

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