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My Best Secret to Surviving Doctor Appointments

The other day I went to establish a new rheumatologist and since I always schedule appointments in the morning, I decided this time I’d go two hours early to a coffee shop close by the doctor’s office to get breakfast and get some work done.

When the time came to check-in, I walked to the address only to find there was NO building at 515 Minor N. I was so confused and I called the office and it turns out the office was at 515 Minor. NOT 515 Minor NORTH. It was in a completely different area so I had to Lyft there really quick and I barely made it for my appointment time!

Whew, I dono about you but I really hate rushing!

Then, it was a long appointment since I was a new patient and I had to recite my entire 12 year history. They also wanted labs so I ended up spending almost 2 hours there including all the waiting. By the time I got home I was soo exhausted! And it was good thing I wiped my calendar for the rest of the day because I turn it into a rest and self-care day.

So, I sorta mentioned them already but here’s my biggest secret: I take the earliest morning appointment and I plan for a self-care day afterwards.

Taking early morning appointments can really reduce waiting time because the office won’t be backed up yet and you’ll actually be seen at your appointment time.

Additionally, planning ahead and turning appointment days into self-care days is basically rewarding yourself for going through the exhaustion of an appointment. Not only does this allow you to just relax for the rest of the day, but it actually gives you something to look forward to when it comes to appointment days and that’s important!

Reducing the dread and anxiety that comes with having appointments can really take the pressure off and make a difference in your Lupus lifestyle. Even if you don't have the ability to do this every singly appointment because you have go back to work for example, do consider at least doing it once in awhile as a little treat.

Do you have any tips for surviving doctor appointments? Comment below!

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  • Like you, I always want my rheumatologist appointments in the morning! I always make sure to take a full day of work off because the whole experience is mental, physically and emotionally exhausting. I always take a book to read, water bottle and gum. I’m always so anxious when I go and I grind my teeth so the gum helps with that! I agree that it’s important to eat breakfast before you go because maaaan I’ve been at doctors visits for 4 hours + and I don’t have time to be hangry LOL!

    Ariel Evans

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