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About Me

What’s in a name?

In Filipino culture, one’s middle name is your mother’s maiden name and my middle name translated into English is Blossom or Bloom.

And Rina, well, is just short for Kathrina.

I consider sunny San Diego to be my home, but at this moment I’m currently based in not-so-sunny Seattle. I wasn’t born in San Diego. As a Navy brat I moved around quite a bit during my childhood and that has followed me into adulthood because until now I still love to see move around and see the world. Despite all the moving the one consistent thing that has followed me every is my love for writing.

I did the college thing at University of California, Irvine where I spent a lot of my time dancing on a competitive collegiate dance team and getting involved in non-profit work. At 16 I was one lucky teen and I got to make a wish (because I have Lupus) to travel to Paris of course, so a few years later in college I worked with the amazing organization Make-A-Wish Foundation to pay-it-forward. I also interned at an HIV clinic called Shanti OC, but it was in Bali, Indonesia when I studied abroad that I had a life changing experience where I helped raised money for Sari Hati, a school for mentally and physically challenged children.

I bridged my love for technology and wanting to help people through UX, designing, writing, and art. As I continue on my journey, I want to get more involved with designing words, specifically for accessibility and inclusion.

I want to create better experiences for all groups of people that may have been left behind previously. I’ve been inspired by and want to work towards universal design through language. It is my dream that my work makes the world a better place, one creation at a time.