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Welcome in

Are you here for your free care package?🌻

yes i am

Hi, how are you?

Love from the community

All ur work and ur blog, the way you are healing is amazing and it’s such an inspiration to me!

I’ve honestly been feeling very icky and just plain lost in all my emotions, but your self care packet you sent in the email really is helping me cope with it all and gave me motivation to start what I always wanted to do; which is blogging!


I feel so weak so much of the time and this little badge helps remind me that I am in fact incredible strong, I’m a warrior.

Thank you for supporting us all and helping to create a space for us lupies in the world!


I’m wearing it today to remind myself and tell anyone who sees it, that we fight a daily battle that most could never understand and even less could handle if in our situation.

It also says that I’m still here. Even though I have no idea how to handle this and don’t even want to, I’m still her and I’m still fighting even if no one else can see it.

It reminds me it’s okay to be weary, but it’s also ok to be proud that I still try!